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Intro to K9 Nose Work® Intro to K9 Nose Work® will teach the initial foundational skills to enable your dog to discover and enhance his/her natural hunt drive and have fun, play, and build their curiosity as well as confidence.
Advanced K9 Nose Work® Advanced K9 Nose Work® continues the foundational concepts learned in Intro to K9 Nose Work® and takes the game to a new and more fun level, increasing dogs' natural scenting abilities and their desire to hunt by increasing the intricacy of the game. Dogs will search raised hides, puzzle hides, exterior and beginning vehicle searches.
Intro to Odor Intro to Odor introduces the essential oil, Birch and utilizes the foundation principles of K9 Nose Work® the dogs have learned while conducting container seaches and indoor searches, all while continuing the fun and confidence building they so love.
Vehicles and Exteriors Dogs will learn how to search a vehicle and conduct exterior searches as well as the way odor moves with the wind and on certain materials.  Competition procedures will also be discussed
Continuing Odor I In this class, dogs and their handlers apply what they learned in Intro to Odor and will do interior searches, threshold work, corners and raised hides. Dogs will learn how to search a room, problem solve corner hides as well as raised hides and threshold work. Teams will learn the way odor moves within a room, bounces off walls and objects as well as the intricacy of corners. Completion of Vehicles and Exteriors required.
Continuing Odor II


In Continuing Odor II dogs and their handlers will be getting ready for trial by applying what they learned in Continuing Odor I and Vehicles & Exteriors. Dogs will do exterior searches, multiple vehicle searches, interior searches, and container searches in order to prepare them for competition. Dogs will learn how to search a room more efficiently, work thresholds, channeling and corner hides, learn how odor moves with multiple vehicles as well as the challenges of exterior searches. More detailed competition procedures will be discussed for those who wish to compete in this amazing new urban sport! Completion of Continuing Odor I and Vehicle & Exteriors required.
Tracking K-9 Tracking teaches you and your dog basic tracking skills which will provide both mental and physical challenges and stimulation for you and your dog. This is a fun and rewarding way to provide an outlet for active dogs and increase the bond with you and your dog.
Obedience - Basic and Advanced Language and Leadership uses positive training methods wherein you and your dog will learn the basics such as heel, sit, wait, down, and come as well as additional training/rehabilitation measures, specific to your dog and family.  Advanced class focuses on extended stays, heel patterns, and refining skills.  Problem behaviors are also discussed.
Love & Rehab for the Reactive Dog Does your dog lunge, retreat, bark, growl or show fear/aggression towards other dogs, people or environmental situations? This into class is for dogs who have minor to mild reactive issues (fear or aggression). In this class you will learn how to read your dog's body language, anticipate behavior and learn how to redirect and defer reactive outbursts. You and your dog will utilize exercises to reduce stress, anxiety and build confidence in order for your dog to handle situations better. Through games, exercises and threshold boundaries, your dog will begin to desensitize and feel safer and more comfortable in high stress situations. If available, students should bring their own crate. Students must bring a blanket/bedding as well as high value soft, easy to swallow treats. Students must contact trainer to assess reactive level and ability to join class.