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Board & Train 

Do you...

  • Want a well trained dog but your schedule does not allow for group classes or even house calls in order to do the training? 

  • Desire to have a dog that listens and is well trained but just don't have the time or availability to go from start to finish? 

  • Want someone to do the foundation training for you and then show you how to keep it going? 

Then Pawsitive K9's Board & Train programs are exactly what you need! 


Pawsitive K9's programs are great for those who want a well trained dog but need or want all of the foundation behaviors developed by an experienced trainer and be shown how to keep those behaviors continuing for the remainder of the dog's life! 


Your time is valuable and my board and train programs save you the weeks and months of you learning what you need to do and then having to train your dog!  

You and your dog’s success is important to me and I am dedicated to helping you empower yourselves to be great dog trainers long after your dog completes my program!  Invest in yours and your dog’s happiness.


Envision enjoyable walks with your dog walking by your side, not barking or lunging at dogs or people, calm behavior in your home, politeness when family and friends come over and no running out the door.  You’ll have a dog who not only listens to you but wants to engage with you! Imagine how good you will feel when people rave about how well behaved your dog is!

At Pawsitive K-9, our programs will bring back the JOY in owning a dog again! 

We know how frustrating it can be when your dog uses your house as a playground, jumps on people, pulls while on your walks, rushes through the door and just plain doesn’t listen to you. 

Yes, even YOUR dog can benefit from our extensive and customized

Board & Train programs! 


Our programs are designed and customized with yours and your dog's needs in mind.  They provide foundation training exercises that not only shape desired behaviors but teach dogs to become better problem solvers.  By teaching dogs to solve problems in a productive manner, they not only learn faster, but also retain the information better and make good choices.  


Your dog will receive several hours throughout each day of hands on consistent training, both in home and off site, with appropriate breaks to rest and absorb and process the training. ​​

Click here to schedule your FREE one on one consultation with Angie!

Pawsitive K-9 has a variety of Board & Train programs to fit your needs!  

  • Training programs tailored to your goals for your dog

  • Supplemental follow up training to help you and your dog to be successful and keep the training consistent

  • Support documentation and videos

  • Proofing training opportunities at our Manners & Heeling class

  • Additional high value bonuses (with specific programs)

To learn more about which program is best for you and your dog, click here to schedule your FREE one on one consultation with Angie!

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