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Your safety and that of your family are very important to me.  Therefore, due to COVID-19 and the current restrictions, all group and private training will be conducted through the following online training options.


NEW!  30 MINUTES FOR $30!  This new service was designed specifically for the current COVID-19 situation we are in.  This service is great for those who are needing fun impulse control games, problem solving games, minor household manner concerns, puppy challenges like biting, chewing, housebreaking, building engagement, etc.

To schedule and purchase your 30 min video training session, click here

1 session per dog please


These programs are great for those who are looking for more in depth training and include obedience, behavior modification, puppy programs, K9 fitness and K9 Nose Work.  These programs provide one on one training through Zoom, lifetime access to training videos, handouts and audio feedback!

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FREE Webinar: Puppy Socialization During COVID-19

Talk to the Paw: Improving Communication With Your Dog!



Intro to K9 Nose Work

Advanced K9 Nose Work

K9 Nose Work Skill Building classes

Shake Your Tail! Keep Your Dog Fit & Healthy

I know some of you may be nervous about online training.  I totally get that!

Schedule a 15 min Zoom session to learn the ins and outs of online training! 

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For those of you who may be thinking about Angie's virtual coaching program, DO IT! I've been involved in training with about four instructors and eight dogs in my lifetime. Toby is the fourth dog Angie has had in class. Her method, observation, and insight are remarkable, and she just keeps getting better. 😊The feedback and suggestions she provides are ALWAYS helpful. You have to put in the time, but it is SO worth it. The results are a calmer, better behaved dog (and mama 😉) and an improved and closer relationship between pup and person. THANK YOU, Angie Falcsik.🐾🐾👏🏻👏🏻🐾🐾👏🏻👏🏻    - Rebecca S.

“Pawsitive K9 Virtual Training” has been perfect for our active, three year old, Golden Retriever. Angie taught us methods for modifying our dog’s “over-zealous” greetings for the mail carrier and our grandchildren; also, how to maintain his focus on us when distracted by other people and pets on walks. Angie’s on-line training program provided ways for us to work on these skills within our home and at our own convenience. She adapts her program to fit each owner’s needs and interests. Due to Angie’s expert advice, our lovable dog continues to gain positive interaction skills. We highly recommend her on-line classes, which include on-line demonstrations, critiques of our practice sessions with our dog and changes, if needed, with positive support.  - Lynn F.