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Do you have a sport or working dog?  Then you know the importance of keeping your dog in shape to handle the stress and impact of the sport or work they do.


Do you want to:

  • Keep your dog healthy and injury free?

  • Continue to enjoy the sport or work they do throughout their lives?

  • Improve performance, increase speed or get better and safer jumps?

  • Faster retrieves, tighter turns or more stamina needed to become a top notch canine athlete!


A balanced K9 Fitness program can give you all of these!

Do you have an active companion/pet dog who likes to fetch, play Frisbee, swim

and/or run in the back yard or at the dog park? 


Or, do you have a less active or senior dog? 


Both the energetic companion dog and the less active or senior dog are susceptible to injury and joint issues if their muscles, balance, stamina and overall body condition are not in good shape.


K9 Fitness is a program whereby dogs of all ages, breeds and activity level:

  • improve their overall health and muscle tone

  • increase performance

  • lose weight

  • prevent injury and so much more! 

K9 Fitness benefits all dogs regardless of whether they are pet/companion dogs,

sport dogs or working dogs!  

When you take into consideration the cost a veterinary exam for limping, x-rays and potential surgery for a shoulder injury, CCL, MCL, or ACL knee injury - any of which can happen just in everyday play when  a dog is not in good physical condition, not to mention a sport or working dog - the investment in and benefits of a balanced K9 Fitness program far outweighs the veterinary bill!  Not to mention the pain your dog may go through and the rehab process.

It is very important that our dogs stay in shape, build strong muscles, have good posture and flexibility to avoid injuries and stay strong and healthy into their senior years.

Prevention is the key!

Be proactive not reactive with your dog's health!

As a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist (CCAS) and certified in K9 Fitness and Conditioning, I am dedicated to helping you develop the highest level of fitness for your dog to obtain peak performance in the sport or job they perform, even if that job is being your companion!  

For more information please contact me to discuss which fitness program best fits your dog's needs. 

Click here to schedule your FREE consultation call!

Click here for more pricing information for on site Fitness and Treadmill programs

Is logistics or a busy schedule an issue? 

With my Virtual Coaching programs, these are no longer issues to worry about!  

Whether you live locally or across the country, developing a well conditioned and fit canine is only a computer click away! 

Check out more about my Virtual Coaching Programs here!

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