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K9 Nose Work® Classes

Fun online programs in the works!
Check back soon!

K9 Nose Work® is a great way to build confidence, provide an outlet for active and high drive dogs, and positive problem solving skills!  By utilizing your dog's natural hunting instincts (yes, every dog has this), your dog will have fun while learning the skills to excel at this fast growing game and sport!

Inspired by professional detection dogs, K9 Nose Work® opens the world of scent detection to all dogs and provides both mental and physical exercise and stimulation!  

Angie is a Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor (CNWI) and a Certifying Official (CO) for competitions held across the United States.  She will teach your dog the initial foundational skills to enable your dog to discover and enhance their natural scenting ability while having fun and building their curiosity and confidence as well lower environmental and situational anxiety. 

Upon learning the foundation skills of nose work, dogs will then be introduced to the target odors used in the sport of K9 Nose Work® by searching exteriors, vehicles, interiors and containers!  Handlers will learn how to read their dog's body language, change of behavior and other handling skills to help build the best team possible to be successful in the sport!

The primary goal is fun! Where dogs get to be dogs!  

Dogs work independently of each other and with their team handler. K9 Nose Work® is for any type of dog, regardless of breed, size or temperament, and is great for dogs that are shy or reactive around other dogs and/or people, dogs with social or situational anxiety preventing them from joining typical training classes, dogs with hearing or sight impairments, or even those who are retired working dogs in need of a "job" to keep them busy and happy. 

Online classes being formed now! Check Back Soon!

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