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National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) is the first official organization in the sport of K9 Nose Work®.  Founded in 2006 by 3 professional detection handlers, Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot and Jill Marie O'Brien, and the first trials held in 2009, there have now been over 140 trials held in the United States!  

There are multiple levels of trials ranging from NW1 through NW3 which consists of four elements (interiors, exteriors, vehicles & containers) the teams must search and find all the hides/odor within a specific time limit in order to receive their title for that trial.  

Once a team has achieved their NW3 Elite title (obtaining 3 NW3 titles), the next level of competition is the Elite Division.  In these trials. there are no longer specific elements like the lower levels - there are now areas which can consist of interiors mixed with vehicles, interiors leading to exteriors, exteriors with containers - any single area or combination thereof - anything goes! Any number of hides or blank/clear areas, known and unknown number, short or long time limits, 1 foot hides or 10+ foot hides  - it's Elite!

Once a team earns either an ELT3 or ELT-CH they may enter the Summit League. As in the Elite Division, there are no specific elements - any combination of the elements may be used.  The Summit League trials are held over multiple days (generally 2) and will consist of 3-5 searches per day with 6-10 searches total overall.   In order to receive a title,a team must score within the top 20% overall of the teams entered in the trial.

Trials are successful in large part to the wonderful volunteers!  We can not hold these events without volunteers and are grateful to all who give their time and volunteer at trials throughout the country!  Please consider volunteering and supporting these amazing events!  It's a great way to learn more about the sport and to watch some pretty amazing dog and handlers work!

For more information please go the to NACSW website:

2019 K9 Nose Work® Trials

August 3-4, 2019

NW 2 / NW3

Woodville Community Center,

Jackson, MI

August 3, 4, 2019

Please Note: It is not appropriate to contact or visit the trial location prior to the trial date, nor should training take place on trial grounds once an event is approved/announced. Our locations are real life search environments where people work, go to school, etc.


Pre-trial contact or visits risk the host losing the opportunity to use the location again in the future.

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