April is K9 Fitness Month

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

In light of April being K9 Fitness Month, I wanted to share some interesting facts about K9 Fitness you may not have known. Dogs involved in a balanced K9 Fitness program:

  • Can live 2+ years longer

  • Have fewer injuries

  • Can have an increased immune system and experience less digestive issues

  • Reduce chances of joint ailments

  • Have increased stamina

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Have increased strength & good muscle tone

  • Have improved overall health

  • Can perform the sport or work they enjoy better and safer

  • Are prepared better for the stress on the joints when playing ball, Frisbee or a good game of tug

  • Are better able to handle the rough and tumbles when playing with other dogs

  • Have better balance and posture

  • Can help with chores and cleaning the house (okay, I might have exaggerated this one)

As you see, K9 Fitness is not just for our sport and working dogs!

Whether you have a sport dog, working K9, companion dog, puppy, or senior dog! K9 Fitness is essential for all of our dogs!

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