Setting and Achieving Goals!

It's the new year which means time to set new goals for ourselves and for our dog training! How many of you have set goals in the past only to find that within a few weeks or a month you have already fallen short of keeping up with your goals? Do you wonder why previous year's goals have been so hard to keep?

Achieving our training goals for ourselves and our dogs can be fulfilling! The question is, how do we stick to our goals and get to the finish line?

Do you want to learn a way to help you achieve your goals for this year? 

Here is a mini handout with a list of 7 tips to help you achieve your goals along with a video of a Facebook Live show I did last week on this topic that takes a deep dive into the 7 tips! Although the video was geared towards K9 Fitness goals, the steps apply to all goal setting whether they are dog training or personal goals!  

For those of you who want to really take the plunge into setting and achieving your training goals with your dog, reach out to me and we can select a training plan that fits your needs and schedule! Free phone/video consultation!

Never give up on your goals! If you find yourself struggling to keep your goals, look at these 7 steps to help you get back on track! Print this out and put it somewhere you will see it everyday!

You can do this! You and your dog will be glad you did!

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