Private Training

​Do any of these ring true for you?

  • You are frustrated because your dog doesn't listen to you

  • You constantly have to tell your dog to stop jumping on the furniture or the counter

  • You are embarrassed when your dog jumps on your guests when they come over

  • You wish your dog would stop pulling during your walks or stop barking at other dogs or people

  • You find yourself avoiding engaging and playing with your dog because it ends up with too much excitement and over stimulation and you don’t know how to turn the behavior off

Envision coming home and your dog greeting you with all four paws on the floor! 


Imagine being able to walk your dog calmly without any pulling or dragging to other people or dogs.  How about being able to eat dinner or sit on the couch to watch a movie with your dog calmly on their special bed!

Wondering how you can get your dog to be like this?  

Dreaming of having a well-mannered dog, but your schedule doesn't allow for weekly classes? 

Don't worry!  This is where we come in!


With Pawsitive K9's private training programs you can have that well behaved dog you can be proud to walk down the sidewalk with!  A dog that can be part of the gathering when friends and family come over.  A dog that listens to you every time!  And more!

To learn more about the private programs that Pawsitive K9 offers, click here to schedule a FREE one on one consultation with Angie and begin your journey to having the well behaved dog you've been wanting!

Pawsitive K-9 offers private in-home house calls for dogs who need obedience training, basic manners, initial aggression/behavioral evaluations and/or other types of training. 


Angie will assess your dog's behavior/personality and show you the techniques to train/rehabilitate your dog.  These programs are great for dogs who are unable to handle class settings or for people whose schedules don't allow for weekly class commitments.

All programs include private training in your home, support documentation, video support, follow up coaching phone and video sessions and/or proofing training at drop in manners and heeling class.

Click here to schedule a FREE one on one consultation with me!

You can also contact me below if you wish to send an email prior to scheduling a consultation.

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